anyone building their own brand or business that is
active or adventurous

Athletes trying to build your brand for sponsorships or Pro Status
 Travel Bloggers
Expedition Guides
Yoga Instructors
& So Many More!

So what's the retreat all about?

Have you ever felt like you could or should have more social media following? Or like you have to wear 50 hats to try to bring together a marketing plan, get yourself out there to get clients, build your website, tend to 10 social media accounts, & figure out how to scale? What about having a team to help you break through those challenges? By working together, we are providing you tools & networks to collaborate with people with different skill sets in order to bust through business plateaus!

meet your hostess!

adventurepreneur host

Where you'll be staying

  • Cambria Pines Lodge, Cambria, CA
  • Located 10 minutes from Hearst Castle!
  • Amazing food, beer, campfires, plenty of room for you to run, do yoga, enjoy incredible views, collaborate, watch a sunset, ditch your desk, & not worry about the trash being taken out.
 Cambria Pines Lodge

Champion mentors


Pete Cipollone

Olympic Champion & 3x Medalist, 7x World Medalist/entrepreneur


DAVID: Systems & Business Expert, IRONMAN Triathlete, Elite Rower

PATRICK: DiSC Expert, Entrepreneur, Elite Rower/Coach


What you get


Toolbox packed with actionable steps for growth

VALUE: $897

  • Identify competitors, potential partners, & your "edge" that makes you stand out.
  • Build a timeline for specific goals to keep you on track & moving forward.
  • Work with mentors on systems & workflow to help you stay sane, get organized, & give you solid evidence of your progress



Social media secrets for growth & marketing (that influencers don't tell you!)

VALUE: $349

  • Insider tips & tricks you don't know that are keeping you from gaining traction on social media
  • What platforms are right for YOU
  • How to manage accounts & SPEED UP social workflow
  • What's going on behind the scenes with social influencers & how they gain those followers (& how YOU can use their tactics too!)

How to lead, build, & utilize teams so everyone wins...especially you.

VALUE: $497

  • With the DiSC™ results, work in teams you are naturally made to lead to help work through your biggest business issue!
  • Case Studies 
  • Learn thought processes that help you base big business decisions based on hard evidence, not "speculation" or "guesswork" 
  • Strategies for growth & scalability


Full DiSC™ Personality "Test"

VALUE: $280

  • Taken by top-end athletes, managers, entrepreneurs, & coaches for insight on what "type" they are & how to leverage that in a team or management environment.
  • Included: TWO, 1-HOUR sessions with elite rower & coach Patrick Rufo who will go over your "type" & give you strategies for how to leverage your personality in YOUR business(This is a HUGE treat! Patrick is amazing!)

boarding VIP.png

Ongoing Support!


  • Private VIP Facebook group to continue collaborating, asking, learning, connecting, & promoting your achievements, events, struggles, & ideas!
  • Team-only Pods to generate growth & sales
  • Collaborate, cross-promote, or hire your new Retreat Alum to generate business for each other!

Adventurepreneur Retreat swag

Sweet Swag not available to anyone else!

VALUE: $350+


  • High-Tech Adventure Backpack (made by the designers working with GoPro on new tech! NOT released to the public yet! Only you!)
  • Event shirt you won't want to re-gift.
  • Notebook packed with your notes, strategies, new contacts, business timelines, & more!
  • So many more goodies & treats!


Brands on Board (so far!)

Interested in sponsoring, supporting, or speaking? Let me know!