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Since 2004, I have worked with hundreds of adventurers & athletes just like you at every level - Amateur to Olympians - on how to become a total PR Rockstar. I have tried & tested THOUSANDS of pitches, presentations, & branded media projects & know what works...& ALOT about what doesn't. 


Don't worry, I got your back!

You get NO-NONSENSE, completely customized, tough-love strategies that cut through the crap & tell you EXACTLY
what you need to do to become kiiiiind of a big deal to the brands you want to work with!


I was invited to be in a Nike commercial...using these strategies!

Walk Away With...

  • 1  personal media development call per week (45 minutes on skype)
  • A sponsor, partner, or collaboration
  • Unlimited email support
  • Media kit purpose & creation
  • Cold email templates 
  • Media & outreach cheatsheets & video instructions
  • Increased social following & engagement (my engagement is over DOUBLE the average! I'll show you how!)
  • Clarity on what you're offering to sponsors & media outlets

Bonuses? You get those, too!

PR Rockstar Bonuses

But how do you compete with someone that has a bajillion followers on Instagram? And do I really HAVE to be on Twitter?

How do all those people get awesome guests spots on podcasts or interviews?

I want to partner with a big brand too...but why would they want ME? Plus, I HATE salesy cold-emails!

I need better reach to attract more clients! I'm on every social channel but people aren't biting.


Can you relate to this, too? You're not alone!


I'm not going to bullsh*t you & tell you this will change your business overnight, but it WILL change your approach & create opportunities for you to gain the upper hand when getting someone to invest in you or your business! 


Using the exact secrets I'm teaching you, I have ...

Gotten sponsored by major brands
TRIPLED my engagement on social media
Worked for "The Amazing Race" & personally with the host of the show on other films
Partnered with Olympians, record-holders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, 5-Star tour operators, etc.
Been invited on expeditions to Antarctica (& all over the world!)
Been in commercials & TV shows & podcasts...& so on.

My star-power secrets & I are ready for you, BUT you have to meet me halfway & ASK for them!


A couple brands I've worked with:



  • Are ready to buckle down & take your blog, brand, biz, or self to the next level
  • Tend to sell yourself short
  • Are overwhelmed by info overload
  • Want someone to just tell you what to do & how to do it with PROVEN strategies that GET RESULTS
  • Want structure: you KNOW you're walking away with tools IN-HAND by a certain date!
  • Want to expand your network & DOUBLE ENGAGEMENT RATES
  • Don't mind a good butt-kickin & honest feedback 
  • Want IMMEDIATE ACTIONABLE steps to get your name out there!
  • Want to pinpoint your value & market the sh*t out of it 
  • Want to engage with the team & take advantage of the resources


  • Are not ready to commit to a 4-week overhaul of your media & image
  • Have a million Instagram followers, sponsors, & are just looking for an agency to represent you
  • Are dead-set on a single certain sponsor/brand partnership without keeping an open mind on others
  • Do not want to be part of a team that helps each other through the process
  • Do not communicate in a timely manner (we have 4 weeks so we have to stay in touch!) 



warning: awesome feedback ahead


The 4-weeks are broken down into simple, actionable Steps:

1. The Arsenal

  • What value you are offering your audience/clients
  • What skills & specialties do you bring to the table & what to showcase

 2. The Image

  • Digital channels should you focus on
  • Branding your channels & secrets for boosting growth & engagement 

3. The Profiling

  • How to ID your target PR outlets & leverage outside-the-box opportunities
  • Where to find your target outlet/client & find out what they're looking for

 4. The Outreach

  • What to propose: upselling what you're great at & what to do when you have not-so marketable aspects
  • Send cold pitch emails like a boss & create a great first impression

Past Rockstars chime in...

We (TheHumanBluprint) sought out Whitney’s expertise to make the process of running a health & wellness company as time efficient as possible since Marc also works two jobs & Anthony is currently in Med school. Whitney’s professionalism & ideas have helped our company grow & foster a health & wellness community of our own!
— TheHumanBluprint
Working with Whitney was an awesome experience and her pictures and videos for Roworx Fitness are currently being used on my website. Whitney’s photos for Roworx were also featured in the March issue of Rolling Hills Magazine and the nationwide publication of the June issue of Organic Spa Magazine. Due to the quality of the pictures and videos I’ve had many compliments among peers and other business professionals. I personally recommend Whitney for any business looking to improve their overall image”
— Jack | Elite Triathlete + Rower, Owner of Rowerx
I just from the bottom of my heart, say thank you. You lit a passion within me that I had been losing/doubting for a while now. I always had content, but couldn’t ever figure out how to get exposure. After talking to you today, I understand what we’ve been missing. Hearing your story & success lit the passion within me!
— Paragon Expeditions
Soon after I began talking about marketing my passions, and implementing the strategies taught by your program, I received such a positive response from so many folks, that I’d like to learn what more you offer!
— Matthew | Ultra/Trail Runner
I’ve been watching your videos. You’ve got it goin’ on!
— Adrian | Professional Mixed Martial Artist

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