I hail from the Golden State of California with a killer cycling shorts tan & years of experience in film, sports, & travel working with agencies, big brands, celebrities, TV shows ("The Amazing Race" & many more!), expedition leaders, & athletes. From "The Amazing Race" to documentaries, I've trained & worked with some of the biggest names & travel shows in the business, translating stories to screen, & since I've spent alot of time in front of & behind the camera, I can offer you a 360 degree view on the best ways to do that!

Somewhere between cycling the Alps & an Antarctic expedition (I can't remember), I decided to put my film & travel experience to work, showing you how to use your story or message in your media to give your audience an insider look at your brand/business. Earn trust, reach new demographics, & get people fired up about you by connecting directly with them!

With multiple national & international medals in rowing, marathons, & triathlons, I'm a high-energy, ambitious, opportunity-seeking adventurer with a passion for inspiring you to make your story the greatest adventure ever told. 

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