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What You Get

I’m here to be YOUR biggest advocate!

My professional goal is to meet and broadcast with Bob Costas. Until then, I would love to help you bring some personality and expertise to your event. With extensive experience in front of the camera and managing creative productions, I has worked in the studio and in the wild all over the world (even Antarctica!) and has amazing crews and networks to amp up your production value and give your event a voice! List of clients, affiliations, and projects available.


Experience + Personality

With years of professional TV, commercial, and film experience, regatta commentating and hosting for some of the most well-known and attended regattas…I know that no budget or project will ever be the same. Lets customize yours and make it stand out among the rest!

7seas rowing club


As an elite, international coxswain AND a presenter of the sport in the media, I know the sport inside and out and speak the language of you AND your audience! We coxswains are communicators after all!

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With an incredibly valuable network of coaches, coxswains, rowers, race directors, brands, and more at every level of the sport around the world, no idea is too big or small. Seriously, we can make some pretty amazing things happen to level-up your event!

When you’re organizing a race, you have SO much to deal with!
Let me take a huge project off you hands…and run with it!


You have options!

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LIVE Social Media Coverage

By far the most popular request! Boost excitement and engagement leading up to your event and cover the big day with interactive media! Need to boost sales or entries? Want event coverage that reaches a wide audience in real time? How about some personality that can take social media off your hands while you run the event? I got you covered!

experiential marketing

Experiential (a.k.a. Engaging) Marketing

Ideas you never thought of that make your race impossible to ignore! You do all the work to get people to your race. Are they helping you publicize your event? They should be! How about boosting engagement for better attendance or viewership? And are you maximizing your potential for getting people in the door…and keeping them there?

7seas rowing club

Bring the Guys

Ever thought about bringing the world’s most unique team of guys to your event to take a run down the course? With a global network of world and Olympic champs, Olympic hopefuls, elites, coaches, and more, the 7Seas Rowing Club can get top-level guys racing or doing meet-and-greets at your event!*

Know you need a little something extra at your race, but not sure what?
I’m here to help!


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See us in Action!

Behind the scenes on projects around the world


*NOTE: This takes organizing with numerous national teams, camps, and schedules and cannot be organized last minute. Many rowers will be at national team camps or races at various times of year, so I cannot guarantee that any one rower will be in the lineup and certain desired rowers attending depends on what time of year your race is. Costs to get rowers to the race fall upon race organizers unless otherwise discussed.