Adventure of a Lifetime: The White Continent Marathon

Steve Hibbs has completed 185 marathons in all 50 U.S. States, Washington D.C. (twice) and on all 7 Continents (three times). His personal best? 2:31:44.

Not bad for a guy coming from full time jobs at the world's leading electronic, medical device, and airline companies. 

After running the Antarctica Marathon, Steve knew there many ways the runner's experience could be significantly improved, and in 2008, Marathon Adventures was born. With so experience running and an insatiable appetite for continued travel, Steve set out out to create the best runner-focused experience on the planet. 

He started with Antarctica.

The trip is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where ensures adventurers that at least one of his guides has run the marathon before so first-hand knowledge of the course and trip can be provided. With over 20 years of race-directing experience, Steve receives 5-star after 5-star review for his adventures:

"Truly it was an experience I will remember and treasure always! From start to finish-literally-on the race course and off, the staff of Marathon Tours made me feel like my presence there mattered, and like my well-being was important."
"There aren't enough adjectives to describe this adventure, but one that comes to mind is STELLAR. Do yourself a favor-get out of your comfort zone, bury your hesitation, jump in with both feet, and let your legs take you on a trail into the great unknown. You'll be thanking Steve and his fabulous crew, too! So, sign up for this amazing adventure. You'll be glad you did!"
"Steve and his crew make it look easy to organize a safe race in King George Island, Antarctica. If you want to have an adventure, then this is the race where the curious penguins watch you running your dream race and your running mates cheer you as do the loops. I am grateful to Steve and his team for making my dream race a success."

The race adventure begins in Punta Arenas, Chile, with one basic itinerary. No times are set in stone're on Antarctica time! Imagine exploring the stunning and sprawling mountain peaks of Terre del Paine in Patagonia before being whisked off the White Continent to run. 

The Catch

When you go fly to Antarctica, there are no guarantees. The weather changes on a dime and you could be in the air almost there and have to turn around because the plane can't land. And when you get there, you hope you can be picked up at your scheduled time. Sometimes you have wait another day or two (so sad, I know). 

We were actually in the middle of the marathon in Chile when we got the call to immediately pack up and rush to the airport because there was a weather window to fly in. So we grabbed a car, scooped up all the rest of the marathon runners, and bolted to the airport. 

Luckily, everything was smooth sailing after that. You feel like you're on the moon on Antarctica and it's surreal waking up to the most stunning sunrises, and seeing the wildlife and actual icebergs...TV just doesn't do those those things justice.

You want running? Check. Penguins? Check. Getting to Antarctica by plane instead of horrendous boating across the Drake Passage? Check. Other-worldly scenery? Check, check, check!

Steve truly goes above and beyond for his staff and runners and this is absolutely a trip that should not be missed. Stop by the Facebook page or website and say hi! The 2016 trip is going to be better than ever before and Marathon Adventures would love to bring you along!



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