What Type of Entrepreneur Are You (& Why Does it Matter)?

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Many of us have dreams of running around the world, getting paid to stay in luxe hotels or joining amazing expeditions. The brutal truth is that that life takes ALOT OF HARD WORK.

It's way less glamorous than it looks like in Instagram photos (although of course there are amazing, amazing parts of the job!). But if you are thinking about becoming a travel blogger or photographer or entrepreneur in some way, you should know what type of entrepreneur you are.

Leave your ego at the door.

I am a stubborn and relentless entrepreneur myself who has "failed/learned" countless times, but being superbly comfortable in my own skin, dropping the ego (mostly...), learning alot (by mistakes), and pushing for greatness to build my own brand, I absolutely rely heavily on teamwork. I love nothing more than to partner with other brands and people, especially if they have more experience than me. The key here, is KNOWING YOU ARE STILL PROVIDING VALUE to them!

Why is this important?

Because we are all powerful enough to start our own business and probably be pretty successful. BUT, I am a firm believer in teamwork, and you'd be hard-pressed to find an entrepreneur that hasn't collaborated with, hired, partnered, or been mentored by someone else.

In order to build your empire to its potential, it would be wise to at least consider utilize the strength of a team in some capacity. There are infinite benefits to this:

  • Have someone tell you when you're ideas are great (or terrible)
  • Keep your ideas in check or provide other solutions that may be more effective/efficient
  • Learn to manage, delegate, collaborate
  • Learn new systems or ways or running the business that you didn't know about
  • Get out of your own way with a team mentality or get encouragement from others
  • Best of all...PUT AN END TO LONELINESS

Starting and running a business is a ton of work that can be lonely, exhausting, overwhelming, and you simultaneously have to learn how to do something while trying to implement it at the same to keep the business afloat (usually if you're just starting out).

How often have you thought:

"If I had a TEAM to do XYZ, I could spend more time doing what I love!"
"Email marketing? I have to do that now, too?"
"How do I get thousands of followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Blogs, etc?

Honestly, how do we keep up with it all AND do the services you set out to do int he first place when you started the business? The secret? A TEAM. It's awesome to know what type you are so you can employ or partner with OPPOSITE TYPES to achieve maximum potential.



The Accelerator is someone who doesn't re-invent the wheel, but puts a motor on it and makes it faster and better. These people have innovative ideas for making products or ideas work faster, better, more efficiently, cheaper, more strategically, etc. They re often fairly analytical and have clear systems, formulas, or ideas in place for clear growth and scale. These people can be great at building companies because they want and provide pretty cut and dry ways of scaling. The numbers don't lie! Some of these people may need teammates that can be the face of a company or help with the creative, translating the data to the consumers or investors.


The Visionaries are ground-breakers. They invent, create, break down barriers, and aren't afraid to build something they believe will change the world. Oftentimes, they are detail-driven, focused, bold, daring, and believe in their ideas. These people are usually great at getting the financial help and capitol for a project and paying very close attention to the details of the design, creation, and image of their product or idea. They oftentimes start with a small idea that would eventually implement huge change. Think Steve Jobs, Tesla, or Mark Zuckerberg.


The Personality IS their brand. These are people that represent themselves and a service or product they, alone provide. They are often charistmatic, outgoing, can easily schmooze a crowd and get people to believe in their ideas and goals. This does NOT mean they do not need a team! They tend to be ring leaders and get people excited about big ideas. They are passionate visionaries that may have trouble executing details and specifics, but can rally for change and see the big picture. These people may need help actually executing their ideas or seeing the importance in working through the details, because they can oftentimes get caught up in the passion or generating enthusiasm or the next "new and shiny" way of marketing or creating.


Transformers are innovators. They have a desire to change the way something is done so it more effective, more efficient, and revolves around growth and scalability. They are oftentimes keeping in mind that they want to improve the end-user experience and and be able to provide more to more people. By coming up with new ways for old systems (or products), they are thinking about the future and where things might be going through changes in existing systems. They may take a successful product or idea (created by a visionary) one step further and improve it.

No single type can do it alone. There will always be a component of a business that could benefit from working with a team. If you know you're a PERSONALITY, then it may help to keep a VISIONARY around to help implement your idea in a way that makes it a profitable business, and so on.

WHAT TYPE ARE YOU? Let me know in the comments! Do you struggle with a certain aspect of your business? Do you have a team to help you or do you wear all the hats?

Keep Up Your Hard Work, Adventurepreneurs!


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