From Foster Care to Ultra-Running: Michelle Bunn

Michelle Bunn is one of those people the world needs more of. It takes one hell of a woman to overcome the amount and size of obstacles she has tackled, and she has turned her struggles into a mission to live a happy, loving, active life. she serves others not only in inspiration, but in her community where she helps others in need. She truly represents how mindset can change circumstance and turn adversity into ammo. Here is her story:

I grew up never knowing my parents, moving from foster homes to group homes to residential treatments and eventually, to detention centers as a juvenile.

At the age of 16, I was emancipated by the courts; I became an adult with a goal and a plan. By the age of 23, I became a wife and a home owner. Later I became a mother to two beautiful boys. I joined a running group Run Further and Faster and ran my first 10k. I was hooked. Within a year of running my first 10k, I ran my first marathon.

My running journey continues into Ultra marathons with a goal of running 100 miles by the end of the year 2016. Running saved my life in so many ways, the healthy life style attached to the sport helps me feel empowering. It is literally what life is about, feeling tired, overwhelmed, slowing down, speeding up and the biggest is wanting to quit. My life is a perfect example of, not having an excuse for failure.

My husband is a World's Toughest Mudder whom also, represented United States at the Obstacle Course World's Championship. When he and I met, we were both two lost souls. We now have a marriage and the family we planned to have. Our children have what my husband and I never had which includes a perfect example of living a healthy life. My children are very active in mud runs like Spartan, Savage and Tough Mudder. They train by hiking and participating in Cross Country Team. My life is definitely not the kind of life someone from foster care system background has; this is why I feel I must tell it.

I may just help save a life.

Michelle Bunn has been featured in the news for her inspiring work as she helps others in need.