5 Easy Tech Tools to Speed Up Workflow When Building Your Brand!

We All Want To Cut Down On The Amount Of Time We Spend Doing All The Technical Things You Have To Do To Make Your Business Run. If You're Like Me, You Just Want To Move Past All The Technical Stuff And Get To The Fun, Creative Stuff!

Here Are 5 Easy Resources I Use To Build My Brand That Make My Life SO Much Easier!

  • Canva.com: EASIEST graphics and graphic design you will ever do. Made-for-you templates and a drag-and-drop method of use make any banners, posters, social media posts, infographics and more, a TOTAL breeze. Save PDF, .png or .jpeg files!

To see how I use Canva with my pro & Olympian clients' brands, check this out!

  • SumoMe: Awesome website traffic-builder. You can create opt-in pages, pop-ups, a smart bar at the top of a webpage, a welcome page with opt-in option, and more! VERY simple to use and plays well with most other email-collection sites and web hosts.

See an example of SumoMe here at the top of the page.

  • Freepik: A file site that has thousands of vectors, .jpegs, and more for your use of websites and emails and...anything you're designing. So many options to download free! Just make sure you give proper credit to the designer if it's required. 

  • Instagram: Yes! Instagram integration into your site can make it really easy to keep people posted on what you're up to or where you are or whatever you are sharing with your audience with a simple post through Instagram. You post...it talks to your facebook page and website, and you've killed three birds with one stone. Not that I promote killing birds...

  • SimpleMind+: Organize your thoughts and ideas! This little app is simple in nature but if you are a visual person, can help you plan and map out ideas TREMENDOUSLY. You choose your colors and style, and create a brainstorm cloud with little off-shoots with all your ideas. Think of a little mind map like you use to draw as a kid to keep your ideas organized. This does just that. I've mapped out entire films with this baby. 

I use SimpleMind+ to organize all my online courses and projects like this.

These are only 5 of many awesome ones, but its hard to sift through all the crap. That's why I like personal recommendations.

What workflow tools do you use? 

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