Triathlon World Qualifier: D. Zinger (Mindset Mini-Post!)

An incredibly powerful story told just before Kona from a World Championship Qualifier. You can physically train to race, but without the mind, the body is nothing.

Flashback to about a month ago when I raced the Canadian Championships for sprint triathlon. In triathlon, I feel it takes a lot to rattle me enough to throw me off my game mentally. However that morning, I had beat myself before I even got to the race venue. It had rained all night, was going to rain all day, was 7 degrees celsius (44f) with a strong north wind accompanied by gusts around 40 km/hr. I came up with 100 reasons why I was going to have a bad race. The last text I saw before the race started was from my buddy Joe. It said, 'Zinger, block the weather, let it throw off the other guys.' That was all I needed. I came out firing on all cylinders. I must have said it to myself 50 times during the race. I felt strong and I felt fast. I ended up finishing 2nd in my age group, 8th overall and grabbed a spot to race for Team Canada at the World Championships next year in Mexico. I absolutely love racing, I find every race is an amazing opportunity to learn. I learned so much that day. The brain is such a powerful tool. I'm just over 4 weeks out from racing on the course where I raced my first ever triathlon about a year ago. Austin 70.3, I'm coming for you. Best of luck to everyone racing Kona tomorrow, may the island be kind to you!