Olympic Hopeful Swimmer: Sarah "Superstar" Bofinger

Sarah Bofinger of Superstar Fitness, L.L.C. is more than your average trainer. She is a triathlete, obstacle mud racer, and Olympic hopeful swimmer that is the epitome of "inspiring." 

Hailing from Maryland, she is an AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) certified swim coach and personal trainer. She specializes in holistic fitness and functional training, focusing on the body as a whole  "providing our clients with knowledge, skills, guidance, support, motivation and educational resources allows them to explore their own fitness potential."

Sarah's journey has been anything but easy. You would never know about overcoming the weight loss. You'd never know that she was born with hip dysplasia and actually had seven...SEVEN hip surgeries. On paper she probably seems like she has no shot, that's she has a disadvantage. You'd never know the emotional and personal sacrifices she has had to endure on a personal level to keep her eye on the prize. She has been lonely, she has been hurt, and she told me all of this with a smile. 

With 20+ years swimming experience she decided to make a push for the 2020 Olympics. This may sound like something any elite athlete would aspire to do, but then again, Sarah isn't just "any athlete." Every day, someone tells her "you can't," or "you'll never make it." Every day she gets up, trains clients, swims, and kicks ass as if to say "watch me."

Sarah is one of those rare people that turns extreme adversity into her strongest ammunition on a national-to-world stage. She created daily habits and an unbreakable mindset by letting go of the fear of failing, and gives herself every opportunity to succeed despite the circumstances. She focuses on what she can control and does not let the other obstacles stop her from achieving her Olympic dream. She still has to deal with what her hip has dealt her, and she still has to deal with the daily dose of doubt, but her iron-willed mindset is what makes her a champion. 

Let's support Sarah on every step of her Olympic journey!


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