Want My Gear? My gift to YOU!

JL Velo and JL Racing have really expanded their triathlon gear...and it's AWESOME! Wearing this stuff in races and on in training, you get noticed. The boyfriend (who is my training partner) and I looked adorably matchy-matchy on our pre-race run at Ironman Canada last year and got stopped and photographed and interviewed SO many times. We ended up on posters, ads, photoshoots, and more just for wearing flashy stuff! The Best part about these suits and kits are the powerband legs and arms. They stick really well and stay in place during the swim, bike, AND run with no chafing or awful seams in places that no seams should go. They have stretchy, comfy yoga bands in the waist that wick sweat away and are comfy in the aero position for hours and hours. They're customer service is also completely unbeatable. They will customize anything and are accustomed to working with pros and Olympians and really making high-quality stuff. I'm not saying this because they are my sponsor, I'm sponsored by them because I'm saying this. I can't recommend them enough. For discounted gear, kits, accessories, or any racing needs, please message me! I will hook you up.

UPDATE: After the Vineman Full Triathlon AND IRONMAN Arizona two weeks ago, my new TWO PIECE PRO SUIT got so much attention and compliments, even the men said I won points for the most stylish kit on the course and wanted to know where I'd gotten it. I can't say I hated the attention...

Whitney PowellComment