The ONE HUGE CHANGE I made to Grow My Business & Make it Way More Fun (Plus 4 Other Ways to Make Work Fun!)

Who thinks their work is fun and enjoyable all the time?! (crickets...?)

I want to confess something to you.

I love what I do and am so passionate about it...but for a long, long time, there was a HUGE problem that made my work awfully hard even though it seemed glamorous, adventurous, and it was my dream come true. 

I was almost always working alone. 

I loved what I was doing, but work became less fun and less productive because I had no one to collaborate with or hear from when my ideas sucked!

So I made this ONE CHANGE that became the catalyst for a stream of successes in my business guessed it...made it ALOT more fun.

But first...4 other things you can do to make work feel a little more playful! 

1. Schedule free (no-guilt) time

Schedule work time and schedule play time. Both make both more enjoyable. I block 90 minutes of work on one thing, 30 minutes of play, repeat until I have 5 or 6 blocks set per day and then time for a 60-90 minute run on average. During play time, you are NOT ALLOWED TO FEEL GUILTY! You are re-setting your brain, your body, and you will be happy knowing and trusting you will crush those 90 minutes.

2. Get outside

Go run, walk, ride, swim...get some fresh air. You know how you sometimes come up with your best ideas when you're doing something else? Tech is a black hole of distraction and staring at screens. By getting some blood flowing and refreshing yourself with even a different freakin' can be much more productive coming back and attacking those genius mental notes. And believe me, I KNOW it feels like you can't tear yourself away because there's too much to do!!

3. Think about what might make work fun!

Do you need to write funnier language? Can you include fun gifs or photos? Can you add a little bit of your personality and passion into the work> I understand if you are a lawyer or doctor, that could be challenging, but find a way to inject something you're great at and run with it! Brand yourself as someone who puts a great twist on your work!

4. Remember your why

Remember why you're doing what you're doing, you can oftentimes find a silver lining in the task. Are you saving up for something awesome like a big trip? Post a post up of your destination! Are you learning a new skill to add value to your business? Imagine facing a new client, charging more because you're more valuable! Always remember your why.

5. Work with a team!

Remember that ONE CHANGE I mentioned? This is it. Even an organized, successful, passionate, A-Type entrepreneur benefits from working with a team. As a social butterfly, I was getting really lonely with the day to day work and I never knew if my ideas would work or if I hadn't thought of a better way to do XYZ, and just have some company and a team! The benefits of a team allow you to learn, collaborate, ask, teach, manage, delegate, and feel more confident.


I put more effort into connecting people, organizing networking events, introducing people across industries, and encouraging people to use each other to build their businesses.

My business has grown and I am SO excited to be bringing high achievers together all around the globe!

Do you struggle with any of this? Do you have part of your business you need some outside eyes on? Do you need to GROW YOUR NETWORK?! Reply to me here or at I'm a real person that genuinely wants to help you network with the people you need!


Get Inspired. Get Adventurous.


P.S. If you want an opportunity to jump in on an AMAZING team event, check out the ALL-INCLUSIVE Adventurpreneur Retreat!


Get Inspired. Get Adventurous.


P.S. If you want an opportunity to jump in on an AMAZING team event, check out the ALL-INCLUSIVE Adventurpreneur Retreat!