10 Awesome Travel Apps (That are Totally Free!)


I know you've been there...

You're stuck somewhere and need a last minute hotel because you arrived at 3 am in a new city. Or you'd really like to call someone without having to buy a new SIM card . And where the hell is that wifi?!

Here are 10 awesome travel apps (HARDLY all the good ones...) that have helped me everywhere from Antarctica to the bush in Africa to Paris.

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1. WhatsApp

You probably know about or use this app already, since it's popular worldwide. Messaging is simple, you can create groups, send documents, and the best feature...free calls! The quality is amazing, too. The only problem you can run into is if you don't have any wifi around and it DOES use regular phone data if you are roaming!!

TIP: I keep my phone on airplane mode so i never use roaming when I'm really somewhere random. Then when I have wifi, I use it free to my heart's content!

2. SAS Survival Guide

Ok, this is awesome. If you're like me and you go to remote places or travel pretty far, it's great to have a plan or idea of what to do in case something goes wrong. This will be less useful to those going to big cities, but still interesting. Anyway, you can pick what region or environment you are in and learn how to start fires, find food, build a shelter, and administer first aid. Choose land or sea, polar or desert, and so much more!

Don't be a statistic when you're stuck on that desert island after a 3-hour tour.


3. XE Currency Exchange

This needs no explanation. It's reliable, easy to use, and has tons and tons of currencies.

4. Maps.Me

Stop getting lost and then...panicking. We've all been there. Download maps of where you're going when you have wifi, then view them at your heart's content offline when you need them most! Think "WAZE" for city maps. It's cool.


5. Tripit

Organize ALL your travel data into one location. It will keep track of your emails, confirmation numbers, itineraries, and more. Especially handy if you're going to more than a couple places or have alot to keep track of. And it includes maps so you have a visual of whee you're going...in case you'd forgotten.

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6. SkyScanner (a classic!)

Book travel easier. Put in your flight info and then seach for car and hotel rentals that WORK WITH YOUR FLIGHT SCHEDULE! Stop entering the same travel info 25 times to make sure you can get a car at the best price that works with your schedule


7. Lonely Planet Guides (also classics...for a reason!)

Lonely Planet has a guide for...every city, ever? Ok not every city but there are so many, it's absurd. Find insider tips and tricks to navigating, currency, food, local traditions, and SO much more! It's also PACKED with offline maps!


8. Mobile Passport

Speed through customs in many U.S. airports. They are adding new cities all the time but wow, how cool!! Fill out your profile, answer CBP’s questions, and get in the right line for customs at the airport so you can walk right through! They have 20 cities and many more coming out all the time!


9. AroundMe

Find anything and everything around you in a new place! To be honest, I have not had luck with this app personally in very, very remote areas, which honestly makes sense, but it's really awesome when you're in a town or city and want that legendary gelato or to fill the car up.


10. Duolingo OR Google Translate

Learn or translate those languages! I would recommend using Duolingo ahead of time so you can practice using their lessons, which are so cool and easy. I brush up on my french all the time with it. There is also a website and Chrome extension! With Google translate, translate on the fly! If it comes down to typing back and forth with someone, this is a great app for that.


SO, expect another edition coming soon that has 10 awesome apps for DOCUMENTING YOUR ADVENTURES! 

What are some of your favorites? I'd love to know what you're using that makes your travel easier and more fun!