7Seas rowing club

The “All-Stars” of Rowing

Racing with this team was the best thing I’ve experienced in my rowing life. We had a beautiful time racing together and I felt like I knew the guys for years. It was like a family!
— Maxamilian Milde (Germany)
It was amazing, overwhelming, & a once-in-a-lifetime experience to find a crew like this who fits perfectly together in and out of the boat and in just three days!
— Paul Dohrmann (Germany)

Went in with high expectations and the project exceeded every one of them! Fun, culture, competition, friendship; This week had everything in the right amount to make this an unforgettable experience.”
— Frederick Tison (Belgium)

Who We Are

The 7Seas Rowing Club is a circulating team of the world's top-level club rowers, national and world champions, Olympians, and Olympic-hopefuls. The purely-passion project started with the goal to create a All-Star Team for one race, but quickly grew to two for the very first race: Holland Beker in Amstelveen. The goal is to create fast lineups of competitors from multiple countries that typically race AGAINST each other and bring them together to race as one team without borders at some of the world's most fun and prestigious races. Although boatspeed is a major factor in our lineups, FUN is the most important. This is a unique opportunity to race with guys from every corner of the world!

It’s always great rowing with new athletes, but coming together with such talented rowers from so many different countries to produce a competitive crew in such a small period of time has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been a part of. Brilliant team, brilliant fun, party, party, unz, unz!
— Pete Robinson (Great Britain)

7Seas at Henley Royal Regatta
(Henley-on-Thames, UK)

7Seas at Koninklijk Holland Beker
(Amstelveen, Netherlands)

One of the most memorable parts of the trip (rowing wise) was how the whole crew, everyone being from different countries with different rowing styles & ways to do things (like rigging, training, drilling etc), bought into one way of doing things. I realize I have a way of rowing that’s not very common, but the crew blindly bought into it. Halfway through the race against Brookes I realized that nobody was deviating from the rowing plan, which was an amazing feeling considering the crew was only three days old. It really made me proud of those guys for keeping their calm, & humbled as a stroke to get their unconditional trust & support.
— Max Ponsen (Stroke - Netherlands)

How It Works

There is a club unisuit we race in unless otherwise decidedA beautiful Ade Lang club BLAZER is also available with a team discount Lineups are made taking many factors into account, but be prepared to only ge (1).png
One of the best rowing experiences of my life! Great Regatta, great people, much fun, & good rowing of course!
— Paul Pietsch (Germany)
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Want To Race With Us?

There are only three rules to the Boat Club:

You must bring some boatspeed & FUN

You must speak decent English (My German, French, & Spanish aren’t good enough to race!)

You must be able to race all days of racing (No racing the heat Saturday and not the final on Sunday, etc.)

Considering what we’ve done in such a short time, we can be really proud of that and it made us hungry for more!
— Max Bierwirth (Germany)
the first crew 7seas rowing club

The Henley Royal Crew


From Bow to Stern:

Frederick Tison (BELGIUM)
Pete Robinson (GB)
Paul Pietsch (GERMANY)
Paul Dohrmann (GERMANY)
Max Bierwirth (GERMANY)
Mathias Heldbo (DENMARK)
Maxamilian Milde (GERMANY)
Whitney Powell - Cox (USA)


The Holland Beker Crew

M8+ Winners & LM8+ 5th Place